How Call-Back Solutions Drive Higher Conversion Rates

Købstædernes Forsikring (KF) is a Danish insurance company that was founded in 1761. This makes KF one of the oldest insurance companies in Denmark. The company promises their 80,000 customers that they will be present, committed, and dynamic.

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Any company that has been around as long as KF knows how important it is to adapt to advances in technology and changes in consumer behavior. KF is always looking for new ways to stay relevant in the ever-evolving insurance market.

In KF’s early days, insurance was sold entirely through human-to-human contact. However today the insurance market has undergone a dramatic shift. Many consumers are comparing and even purchasing their financial services online. This increase in demand for online services has replaced the time-tested tradition of human-to-human contact with automated self-service.

Interestingly enough, insurance customers are shying away from this approach. They are still expecting the “agent like” experience that has always been so central to way insurance has been purchased. Personalising the customer journey is necessary in order to secure insurance conversions online.

Købstædernes Forsikring decided to partner up with bmetric to deliver a more engaging web experience online. We helped the insurance company use their website data to determine:

       who to engage with

     on what channel they should engage and;

     with what type of a message, they should engage

All of this in order to motivate customer action to secure a conversion.


bmetric technology allows Købstædernes Forsikring to gather data about their website visitors. KF uses this data to group their visitors into specific persona segments based on behaviour. The persona segment determines what kind of engagement to use. 

For example, KF uses persona segments to identify website visitors who are in need of more assistance. These visitors are offered a call-in/call-back pop-up on the website. This kind of engagement helped KF to secure qualified leads, which were easier to convert.

Example of a call-back pop-up on

This is one of the many solutions that provides a more engaging and personalised web experience that drives conversion. Each visitor’s needs are different, bmetric technology knows exactly what kind of messages to trigger at the right time.

As a customer-owned company, we have a strong focus on revitalizing the old original virtues of insurance. We have a strong intention of rebuilding trust and changing the way we build products. We want our customers to feel our trust and to feel sure, that they will get the help they need, when in need. But it’s an ongoing task to reach that goal.

Michael Eschenburg

Michael Herold Eschenburg

Digital Transformation Manager at Købstædernes Forsikring

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