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Automatically generated call centre queue

intelligent engagement

Example of a call-back popup

Want to ensure the fastest call centre response time? This feature utilises an ordinary call-back message, into which visitors input their phone number. The phone numbers are put directly into the call centre queue. We have seen this feature work as fast as 45 seconds that the caller can go from inputting their phone number to talking to a representative. This feature is extremely effective because it gets people the help they need, as fast as possible.

Why so effective?  Questions and concerns are common while looking at products online. That is why so many website visitors want to talk with a customer service representative.  Our feature not only helps connect visitors to the help that they need, but it also does so as fast as possible. The high quality, effective customer journey helps to secure the sale.


Marcus Grøne (Customer Success Manager)


 Personalised log in troubleshooting help

Intelligent Engagement

Example of a call-in

This feature is targeted at website subscribers who are having trouble logging into their accounts. Regardless of whether the problem is a password or username error. Some subscribers might need a little extra help getting into their accounts. A call-in/call-back feature helps to ensure that these customers get the help they need so that they can access the website content.

Why so effective? It is frustrating to forget your username or password, and therefore not be able to access the website content you have paid to read. This feature is a user friendly alternative to the widely used “forgot password” feature. Personal contact with a sales representative leads to customer satisfaction and subscription renewal. Let your subscribers know that you are there for them for any errors that may occur. These simple features build trust.


Christoffer Knudsen (Head of Customer Success)


Future plans – prioritise call-back leads

Many of our customers already utilise our call-back customer engagements on their websites. This is a great way to connect potential customers with a customer service representative. So we had an idea–what if we could make this product even better.

We are working on a solution to prioritise call-back leads by how likely they are to turn into a sale. Using bmetric technology, we can track what page a call-back lead is coming from. If the lead is coming from the front page, we know that it might just be from a casual visitor. However, if we see that a lead is coming from the checkout page, we can get them help as quickly as possible so that they can complete their purchase. This way the companies representatives know exactly who to put on top of their lists for a call-back.


Janus Lindau (CEO)

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