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Google Analytics offers a range of reports and filters that allow you to look into traffic on your website. In order to get an easy overview on how your website performs, with regard to phone calls, we made a customized dashboard for Google Analytics.

Our dashboard presents you with the most important insights of Bellmetric CallTracker, so you can get an instantaneous report on how your campaigns and pages are performing.

In this post you will find a guide on how to install the dashboard on your account and what our dashboard shows you in Google Analytics.


The Right Information at the right time

In order to get the most important data insights without too much trouble is crucial –
in short, getting the day to day insights of phone calls.

Lets start out at the general call information:

This is a demonstration of the dashboard, showing how many calls you received each day and how many who called. Few companies are able to have almost every visitor call as in the example above. However, the information provided gives you an overview of exactly that: How do visitors on your website correlate to calls?

Consider matching it with certain events such as newsletters, commercials or similar.


Calls Distributed on Medium

Our dashboard also enables you to gain insight into the medium your customer is using when they choose to call. We chose mediums to enable you to get an overview of how traffic converts to calls overall depending on the type of acquisition type.
If you want to make an analysis on each individual source, it is better to use acquisition reports like all traffic and adwords cost analysis.


In the example above only four mediums are mentioned. In many cases far more are available depending on the range of your marketing mix. Every medium you track in Google Analytics can be combined with incoming phone calls.

The most important elements in this information is:

1) What is the conversion rate of each medium and do they perform as intended?

2) What are the actual number of leads generated by this medium and over what period of time?


How Each Keyword Perform to Calls

In the dashboard you can also see what keywords perform best to inbound leads. This is important in planning your Adwords campaigns to make sure your investment has a solid return.

The (not set) is visitors coming directly to this demosite while (not provided) is organic search results which Google no longer provides. Otherwise it is a mix of product searches and brand names (Telemetric being our former company name).

Improving focus on the mediums that work, now also with data from phone calls, provides the opportunity to increase the profitability of Adwords.

Be aware that some product types are more likely to generate inbound leads, while others typically generate online leads. It also depend on what different customer segments prefer.

A campaign might be performing very well when it comes to offline conversions, but poorly online and vice versa. By using the source data from Bellmetric CallTracker regarding inbound calls, you are sure to have the full overview of how your campaigns perform.


Improving the Website Experience

Bellmetric CallTracker data also provide insights into which url a visitor was looking at, when they chose to call.

By using this information you are able to increase the conversion rate and improve website performance. By looking at performance data in regard to how it generates inbound leads and online bookings, you are able to choose the version of your site that optimizes profitability.

The demonstration above show only country subsites, but this could be url’s from your booking flows, product sites or similar. If a lot of people are calling from your booking flow, the communication could be optimized. Improving this could lower call rate and increase booking rate. Bellmetric CallTracker will tell you right away if the corrections deliver the expected changes.

Making sure that text and design leads to phone calls may invite visitors to call earlier in their purchase decision flow, and allow you to help them make a decision, providing a better customer relation.

It is also possible to track which landing page resulted in a call on another subpage.

This helps you assign value to campaign-pages, that provided leads and work towards getting the call to action there, rather than having the visitor navigate further before calling.


Installing the Bellmetric Dashboard in Google Analytics

In order to install the dashboard simply click this link:

Each window or widget needs to be assigned with the correct tracking metric in Google Analytics. In order to change which conversion is measured, click on the small pencil in the top right corner of each widget.

In the window that opens, scroll down to show following metric. Here you search for Bellmetric CallTracker completions, or whatever you called the goal used for Bellmetric CallTracker.


Getting Started with Bellmetric CallTracker

By using our dashboard in Google Analytics you have the ultimate opportunity to look at how your website generates phone calls. This overview can be used as the foundation for future work, where you dig deeper into each area of your website-to-caller data, in order to reap the full benefits of Bellmetric CallTracker and generate better leads.


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