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Personalised Newsletter

This feature helps your business send out personalised newsletters to your subscribers. It’s simple but effective, and works by:

  • Collecting data based on a customer’s behaviour on your website
  • Allowing you to create specific, customised segments that aren’t necessarily based on your company’s predefined personas, but based on behaviour that correlates to a specific version of your company’s newsletter
  • Triggering newsletters that are sent out based on the data collected and selected segments.

Of course if you have not signed up for a specific newsletter, the feature is not triggered.

Why is it effective? The interests of a certain persona are better targeted. A more personalised newsletter for your customers shows how you care more about their specific interests. Newsletters tend to be very generic, and this features provides you with a chance to change that.

MarcusMarcus Grøne, Customer Success Manager


Chat Feature that Connects Customers with Experts

Every company wants to offer the best possible customer service. One of our clients is using a feature that connects customers via chat to a customer service agent that is an expert in the specific area that you’re interested in – this can be discerned by what page of the website the customer is visiting.

Of course, in addition to connecting customers with an expert, the chat trigger is based on page actions and how much time is spent on a specific page. The option to chat to a specific salesman is not just triggered randomly. As we said before, we are all about offering the right service. Depending on what country/city you are in (you can set whatever segments you want on this) a specific salesman who knows exactly about the topic you are looking at, is connected with the customer via chat.

The chat feature on the page at first might not be very visible. First it is just a little button in the corner. When a certain time passes and the button has not been clicked, a chat will begin automatically and instantly connects the customer with an agent.

If there aren’t any relevant salesmen active at the time a person is looking at a certain topic, there is a call-back or call-in option.

Why is it effective? Your customer will be getting information about a certain topic from a specialist who is available in real-time. By providing good customer service, it is more likely that your customer will feel informed and ready to make a purchase. Good customer service translates to sales!

ChristofferChristoffer Knudsen (Head of Customer Success)


Future Feature: Behaviour-Based Offers

This is a feature that we have been talking about with one of our clients, but hasn’t been implemented yet. It’s a feature that tests out different offers to see what works best. For example, a newspaper company can set up a trigger on their website that prompts visitors to sign up for either a hardcopy (delivered everyday for 4 weeks) or a digital copy of the newspaper. If the offer is ignored or declined, another trigger is set to the person who comes back on the website and shows the visitors the other offer. The next time that person comes on the website, they are shown the alternative offer. For example, if a visitor was exposed to the 4 weeks of home delivery and it was ignored on 3 separate visits, the visitor would be shown the digital alternative on their 4th visit.

Why would it be effective? It’s a good way of seeing what kind of strategies work best for your company, as well as showcasing to visitors that the company is responding to the needs of customers.

janusJanus Lindau (CEO)

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