Accelerate sales from your existing traffic!

Bounce rates are high, and most websites have a first-visit conversion rate of only 2 percent, just saying…

Seriously – why would you go on accepting a 2 percent conversion, when you quite easy can change that number for the better? Why leave retargeting for after the traffic has already bounced?

People are impulsive, and much of any webshop’s success is dependent on the fact that people will buy on impulse.

Once the traffic has bounced, the likelihood of bringing them back through retargeting efforts drops by the day.

bmetric Groowy, the SaaS for accelerating your sales, can be used to retarget onsite, as opposed to most companies’ tendency to retarget offsite after prospects have bounced.

With our onsite targeting and retargeting tool, you set parameters to open the conversation with prospects, depending on what their previous behaviour has been.

If a prospect/customer has viewed a product each time they visit your page, advertise that product to them, or have a service message pop up to ask if they have any questions about that product. If a prospect is about to abandon their cart, you can ask if they would like to talk to you to clarify any question. The possibilities for catching traffic before they abandon your site are practically endless.

The benefits of not allowing your traffic to bounce away from your site are obvious.

You’re far more likely to get a conversion if you open up more than one form of communication with prospective customers. As discussed here, it’s important to keep the responsibility of the sale on the shop, and leave being served to the customer. Having a customer service representative there to answer questions, point your prospects in the right direction, and give them the peace of mind that speaking to someone before making a purchase provides isn’t just a good way – it should be a obvious way.

If you want to be retargeting before your prospective customers have bounced, it’s a simple process. You simply tell us the parameters you’d like to set up for cuing your pop up, add a small piece of code to your website, and leave the rest to us.

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