bmetric’s Annual Customer Update: 2020

In this year’s annual update:

  • bmetric’s new company vision
  • New product developments
  • Going the extra mile for data security & privacy in 2020


Defining bmetric in 2020: Our new company vision

Toward the end of 2019, we dedicated some time to decide what we would like to continue to achieve for future customers in the years to come. This includes which new products we put into development and how we continue to apply our current product offering.

This refocusing of what we will be delivering for future customers branches into three main areas: Sales, Support, and Marketing. Some of our customers are currently working with bmetric in all of these areas, while others are working with one or two.

The following is how we intend to mobilize our products, and product development, in each of these areas:



To generate, qualify, and convert more of the right leads through data-led segmentation and routing of online visitors. A part of this solution applies data-led modeling of online visitor journeys, to increase and optimize conversions by managing the generation and distribution of leads from the website. Our technologies will continue to route your leads to your most appropriate and preferred channels for conversion—without cannibalizing leads from your neighboring online or contact center department.



Reduce and manage your inbound call volumes, to gain leverage over which support cases your call center departments are connected with. This solution applies data-led modeling of online customer journeys to intelligently segment and then route customers to more optimal online/self-service channels.



To provide the valuable data linkage that bridges the gap between clicks and calls. This is for online marketing managers who are looking to optimize marketing effort and spend. Discover which ads and webpages are prompting customers to call you, and, of those ads and webpages, which are providing the highest amount of high-quality leads.

To sum up these three product categorizations and how they will influence bmetric’s newly refined approach, we have coined the new tagline: Better human-driven interactions


New ways to connect with customers in 2020

Aside from defining how we go on to apply our current technologies, bmetric has finished the development of one new technology, and we’re now in the process of developing another.

Our Callback function has already transformed the way that many of our customers connect with leads. Now your contact center can connect with customers at a time that works— regardless of what technology you’re carrying on your end.

No Avaya? No problem. Callback Plus now delivers the seamless experience of a bmetric callback, for contact centers that might have reduced, or no outbound ability. By sending an inbound call both ways from bmetric’s servers, it recreates the effect of the Callbacks that customers love.

Currently in development, Leadview, provides your call center agents with the real-time data on the calls from our “Call Now” engagements.
With Leadview, your sales agents can sell, upsell and cross-sell with data-led finesse, by connecting the context of online journeys with calls—in the moment. Product interest, page-view history, view times, devices-use, and the ability to tag interactions with in-call contextual data, makes selling over the phone into a data-driven pursuit, with increased likelihood for conversion.


ISAE 3000:

Going the extra mile for data security & privacy in 2020

While, in many areas, we are evolving, one issue will always remain paramount. The security of our customers’ data and, in turn, your customers’ data comes above all else for bmetric. This is why we’ve come together, across all departments, to join our efforts in maintaining impeccable data security & privacy practices.

As a final point of note for this 2020 customer update, bmetric took part in an audit, issued by the International Federation of Accountants, which confirmed that we are compliant with ISAE 3000 standards for GDPR. The ISAE 3000 is a set of standards that certify whether a company’s internal practices meet and exceed what is required to remain in compliance with GDPR. If you have specific questions about our ISAE 3000 certification, or would simply like to hear more about it, please contact your account manager directly.

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