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The Intelligent

It’s not just what we aim to deliver, it’s what we embody. At bmetric, an intelligent approach means; diligent implementation & service, clear results, and cost-efficient outcomes. We apply our expert knowledge in data analytics, and our industry expertise, to boost your success in sales, conversion, and customer experience initiatives with our technologies.

When it comes to delivering results, bmetric places your needs paramount. In working with bmetric, not only do you receive powerful, tailored tech solutions, you receive expert analysis, specific to your industry, and a full-service solution to your sales, conversion and customer experience needs.

Janus Lindau
CPO, bmetric

The beginning of bmetric

bmetric was originally founded in 2008, to deliver Calltracking technology. For businesses looking to optimise their lead gen, with clear online-to-inbound lead attribution. In short, Calltracking connects inbound calls to their online point of origin, whether it be a specific webpage or a marketing campaign.

After working closely with our Calltracking customers, bmetric created a new technology to meet a growing need—the need to personalise journeys by delivering the right customers, to the right channels, and the right time. This new technology became Intelligent Engagement, a machine learning, channel management technology. It analyses online customer journeys, in real time, to determine the optimal channel by which to achieve cost-effective sales or service outcomes. Intelligent Engagement selectively engages customers onsite, prompting them with a tailored message and CTA, to personalise journeys intelligently and at scale.

Now with 75% of our desired market in Denmark, loyal customers in the Benelux, Norway, and the UK, bmetric are expanding to bring the benefits of intelligent channel management to more nations across Europe.

We’d love to have you on board

Contact our New Business Engagement team to learn a little more about what our technologies can do for you.

Whether your goal is; increased sales & conversions, contact centre optimisation, or enhanced CX, bmetric’s machine learning technologies can be implemented to achieve your business goals, intelligently.

The Technologies

Technologies that adapt to the future
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