About us

The Intelligent

It’s not just what we aim for; it’s what we embody. At bmetric, an intelligent solution means the best course of action, diligent implementation, profound improvements and cost-efficient outcomes. We apply our expert knowledge in data analytics, and our industry expertise, to deliver intelligent solutions to boost your success in sales, conversion, and customer experience initiatives.

This is why the businesses we work with trust bmetric—and bmetric technologies—to deliver results; with their priorities paramount. When you choose to work with bmetric, not only do you receive technology, you receive expert analysis, industry-specific expertise, and a full-service solution to your sales, conversion and customer experience needs.

Janus Lindau
CPO, bmetric

The bmetric

bmetric was originally founded to deliver call-tracking technologies to businesses who were looking for a proactive solution, to join-the-dots of the customer journey between commercial channels; from the website and marketing to the call centre.

This became bmetric’s Call-tracking technology; great for identifying which web pages and marketing campaigns are generating calls, and where points of friction and churn lie within the customer journey between website and call centre. With the added ability to transfer information to call centre agents in real-time, enabling proactive call centre interactions.

Through working closely with our call-tracking customers, bmetric was led to develop technology to meet a growing need, to proactively engage customers and influence the customer experience to better meet sales, service and customer experience targets. The machine learning model created to meet this need, Intelligent Engagement, harnesses the power of AI decision-making technology to make intelligent decisions, regarding customer journeys, customer value, channel availability etc, on a mass-scale, a feat simply not possible—in any intelligent form—without AI and machine learning.

The two technologies—Call-tracking & Intelligent Engagement—combine to form the powerful Onsite Channel Management solution. Combining real-time online engagements, omnichannel routing, and seamless information transfer; allowing the context of customer interactions to be accessed as insights for proactive customer interactions and further enhanced customer experiences. All within a system that has the ability to reflect and optimise to improve future customer journeys and interactions. Contact our New Business Engagement team to learn a little more about what these technologies can do for you.

With 75% of our desired market in Denmark, bmetric are currently continuing to branch out; bringing the benefits of Onsite Channel Management to more companies in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

Whether your initiatives are increased sales and conversion, optimised expenditure in the contact centre or enhanced, seamless omnichannel customer experiences, bmetric’s machine learning technologies can be implemented to achieve these departmental and cross-departmental goals, intelligently.

The Three Key Functions
of bmetric Technologies

Identify points of friction in the customer journey and know how to mobilise both high and lower-value customers toward their appropriate sales or service channel.

Intelligent onsite engagements; they’re automatic and engineered to promote customers to the preferred sales or service channel, without negatively impacting the customer experience.

Harness the power of AI and machine learning to curate a seamless omnichannel network, periodically optimising to increase sales, increase conversions, and enhance sales or service experiences for customers of today and tomorrow.

The Technologies

Technologies that adapt to the future
of your business.