About bmetric

Founded in 2012, bmetric was originally set up to deliver our call-tracking technology; a smart but simple technology, built to connect the data of online journeys to inbound phone calls.

Call-tracking has since become a must-have technology for marketing, sales, and support departments; by providing a valuable online-to-offline cross-channel perspective of those functions.

After working closely our enterprise customers in Denmark, bmetric developed Intelligent Engagement. This solution gathers and applies online customer journey data to manage cross-channel journeys between the website and the call center.

bmetric delivers Intelligent Engagement as a full-service solution for sales, support, and marketing departments.

bmetric's Full-service

We offer a fully-managed service. We know how busy everyday operations can be in a large company and the challenges which arise when implementing new technology.

That’s why, aside from our implementation, customization, and our clear reporting arrangement, we’re available to provide hands-on support and advice to our customers’ sales, support, marketing departments.
It’s our focus on your long-term success that sets bmetric apart.

Research & Development

Software development and data science are at the heart of bmetric. Not only does our dedicated development team keep our technologies running smoothly and safely, but bmetric has also enjoyed working with many of our customers to build new features and integrations.

Asser Schrøder Femø CTO, bmetric