bmetric calltracker

Connect inbound phone calls with online journeys

Calltracking is both a feature in our conversion platform
and a stand alone analytics system for your entire website

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Why use calltracking?

bmetric calltracker connects online journeys and data points with inbound phone calls. By using call-tracking you get the data to:

  • Report on inbound lead performance,
  • Connect the dots on marketing performance to phone calls,
  • Optimize the conversion rate for more (or less) phone calls,
  • Analyse customer behavior across channels for improved customer service.

The Service

bmetric calltracker is easy to install

It requires only a Javascript to be installed on your website either directly or through a tag manager.

Use a whitelist of phone numbers

The technology automatically changes the original phone number with a tracking number.

Start calltracking

Any visitor calling a tracking number is immediately redirected to the original phone number without ever noticing the difference.

Note that all tracking numbers used by your company are reserved for you.
No sharing between companies - and we have local numbers too.

Standard and custom integrations

Are you using another solution? Then make an enquiry.
We often make custom integrations for our enterprise solutions.

What data can I get?Using bmetric calltracker you can connect a specific phone call with data such as:


Marketing campaign data

  • Adwords
  • Display
  • Re-targeting
  • Offline

Website visitor behavior

  • Landing pages
  • Conversion pages
  • Entire journey in between
  • Split/tests and messaging

If you are looking for a specific data set, make an enquiry.

What is the price?Get in touch with us

Starting at 200€ (180£) per month

bmetric call-tracker is a fixed fee monthly subscription*. The price is based on number of sessions on your website per month. No extra price per call.

*min. three months contract at a time.
Larger packages require longer contracts.