How a Television Company Boosted their Leads & Sales

Boxer TV is a pay television service provider operating on the digital terrestrial television network in Denmark. Their goal is to provide customers with as much variation in television channel packages as possible. It is important that Boxer TV engage website visitors in the most personalised way possible, in order to cater to each visitor’s individual needs.

bmetric delivered Boxer TV a solution whereby the company was able to increase online lead generation and offline sales. How?


boxerIndustry: Broadcasting


Market: Denmark


Boxer TV partnered with bmetric to:

• Increase their conversion rate & sales;
• Improve the online customer journey; and
• Generate qualified leads.


“Like most webshops, we face the challenge of closing our sales online. Due to the complexity of our product, we want to embrace those customers who are not yet ready or who are in doubt about their purchase. At the same time, we do not want to disturb the customers who are ready to buy online.

Based on bmetric’s advanced behaviour tool, we solved this problem. We have implemented different messages depending on the stage the visitor is at in their purchase decision.This has, among other things, resulted in more qualified leads and increased sales.

We are very pleased to work with bmetric.
They are very committed to solve any problem you may have.”

SharawootSharawoot Poomongkolchai (Online Campaign Coordinator, Boxer TV)



We at bmetric provided Boxer TV with the audience analysis tools to differentiate between new and existing customers. This allowed Boxer TV to target each persona segment with more relevant engagement.

Boxer TV implemented a call-back message to engage visitors on their website. This message doubled as a survey, asking visitors if they were already customers. Not only did this provide Boxer TV with important information about their website visitors, but it also helped customer service representatives know how to best help the visitor.

Example of a call-back message offered to website visitors with a survey
Example of a call-back message offered to website visitors with a survey

Boxer TV needed to know if they should offer a call-in or both a call-in and a call-back message. We ran an A/B split test during office hours for a few months and found out that the best results were with a call-in and call-back pop-up. With this data, Boxer TV was able to provide customers with the kind of customer service they preferred.

Example of a call-in and call-back pop-up

Another feature that Boxer TV partnered with bmetric to create was a pop-up lottery offer targeted at new customers. This offer enticed website visitors who were not yet customers to sign up for the chance to win a high value gift card. Keeping in mind that some website visitors were already customers, Boxer TV included a link for existing customers to click on as well. That link directed the existing customers to take part in the same lottery.

Example of a new customer lottery incentive
Example of a new customer lottery incentive


When Boxer TV tailored engagements to new and existing customer groups, they were able to better cater to individual customer needs. That interaction translated into more leads and sales. These impressive results have led to plans to strengthen the partnership between bmetric and Boxer TV.


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