Navigating The Newspaper Reader To A Paid Subscriber

The relation to a certain news outlet heavily affects people’s likelihood of subscribing. There is a big difference between having come across one topic of interest (or article), to see the need to pay a given source for providing continuous news.



Christoffer Knudsen, Head of Customer Services at bmetric, gave us further insights on the different type of strategies a news outlet should consider for their online strategy.



It’s about identifying where visitors are in their journey and what their relations are with the brand. From a graph below you can see that if a visitor is on topic/article level, they most likely won’t pay a monthly fee. As you have to build a relation with this potential customer first to get them into the buy phase where they are more likely to consider a paid subscription. This is not only in relation to onsite behaviour and targeting, but also sourced news on Facebook, Twitter etc.


Across our data sets, we’ve seen different data signals play a role or what matters most from source to a number of visits. Therefore, we can state that sources and onsite behaviour are how you can rule actions that should be taken towards a potential customer in the buy phase. Different offers and recommendations to other interesting articles are for example two ways that build a further relation towards brand familiarity.

What I recommend
I suggest making a plan for your customer journey and your visitor’s relation to your newspaper. As when you start dividing segmentations and start showing messages based on those factors, you will start seeing major improvements in your conversion rates.

An example of that
One of our customers, a Danish newspaper outlet, partnered up with us to deliver a more engaging experience onsite. We at bmetric provided Information tools that help identify and differentiate between existing customers and unprofiled visitors. This allowed Information to target each segment individually, resulting in personalised engagements with the right offers. With the help of different offers Information is now able to get quality leads and about 30% of people who sign up through an offer, usually end up as a paid subscriber.

It’s a strategy that we like to call: intelligent engagement. Read Information’s case study here.


About bmetric:
By nudging your visitors at the right time, with the right channel and message, our platform: increases conversions, average order value and helps improve customer service. bmetric engagements work well towards first-time visitors because we can operate based on data impulses and signals. Our team boosts the impact of your DMP & Marketing cloud by implementing their data in our engine. Thereby taking action on your data.

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