Electric Utility Company Increases Lead Generation

Gul Strøm is an electric utility company based in Denmark. They specialise in selling cheap electricity with high quality customer service.

Gul Strøm wants to make it easier for people to make the switch from their current power supplier. This is why it is so important for their website to lead new visitors in a direction where it is easy for them to switch.

bmetric offered Gul Strøm a solution by which the company was able to improve their customer journey to generate good and relevant leads. How?


Client Information


Industry: Oil & Energy

Website: www.gulstrom.dk

Market: Denmark





Gul Strøm partnered with bmetric to:

  • increase their conversion rate & sales;
  • improve online customer journey; and
  • generate qualified leads


As a result of Gul Strøm’s partnership with bmetric:

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 14.02.14










The Strategy



“It takes only 1 minute to switch”

Gul Strøm wanted to make it fast and easy for people to switch from their current power supplier. The customer journey was improved by creating engagement strategies for all of the pages on the website.






With the implementation of the bmetric platform, Gul Strøm was able to identify:

  • what page the visitor was on
  • how long the visitor was on that particular page
  • where the lead was coming from (geographic location)


One of Gul Strøm’s bmetric features is a call-in/call-back message. This engagement is targeted at specific groups of people. For example, it may be triggered for visitors who spend an amount of time on a webpage that indicates they may be a new visitor. The call-in/call-back message encourages the customer to talk with a phone sales representative, who can guide them quickly through the process and answer any questions.  

Lead Geneartion
Example of a call-in message



During a representative one month period, bmetric engagements were viewed over 2000 times and 1 out of 41 views resulted in a new lead for Gul Strøm.

Gul Strøm was able to achieve their goals with the bmetric platform, which has led to plans to develop the partnership between the two companies further.

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