Boost Sales & Increase Conversion Rates: How Dayz did [CASE STUDY]


bmetric helped out a Vacation rental company in Denmark called Dayz to boost their sales and increase their conversion rates. How? Well, let’s get to the case!


Client Information




Type of Business: Vacation home rentals


Market: Denmark





Dayz partnered with bmetric to:

  • Increase their sales
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Improve the online customer journey



Dayz installed bmetric on their website and began experimenting with when to engage the visitors, and where on the webpage. The customer journey is improved by having an engagement strategy for all pages on Dayz website.

One of the best engagement messages can be seen below: A callback buttonScreen Shot 2015-10-01 at 14.08.14

With bmetric, Dayz was able to quickly add a callback request form to their website. This allows them to receive notifications when someone requests a callback. A callback lets them easily get in touch with their prospect clients at a time that suits them. Think about it, you don’t want to sit on hold or get bounced from one department to another when you make a call.

For Dayz it was a perfect solution for a better customer experience. But what are the other reasons this callback button is so effective? Well, with this feature, Dayz sales people have access to:

  • What page the lead was on
  • What offer was the visitor looking at
  • How long was the visitor on a certain page

When Dayz is ready to make the call, they already have all the information needed. They are able to get the conversation going fast to close down a deal or give the right information.





“Today around 6% of phone sales revenue is coming through the bmetric platform, and around 30% of leads, is converted into a sale. We have managed to increase the number of weekly calls, which has improved sales conversion and customer engagement.”

Kent Lodberg (Sales & Marketing Director at Dayz Resorts)


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