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Intelligent customer engagement bmetric empowers you to answer the following questions and immediately take action on your website

Should I engage a visitor?

There are two primary reasons to do so:

  • When an up-sell or cross-sale is possible
  • When you can secure a conversion that might otherwise have been lost

With bmetric we have the technology and fully managed service to help you make the right choice, increase conversion and improve the customer journey.

1. Should I engage a visitor?

Which channel is best to secure a conversion?

It all depends on where in the customer journey the visitor is.

If visitors are not in buy-mode it is all about advancing a decision; whereas if they are comparing products, the goal is to motivate action now.

It is important to select the right channel for the right situation. This could be an offer of phone support, an email permission request or an online offer promotion.

2. Which channel is best to secure a conversion?

What offer will make the visitor act?

It's all about choosing the right messaging that speaks to the situation and needs of the visitor.

If they are researching the advantages of your product, but still not converting, an offer of help might be the best choice.

If they are about to leave your cart, it might be the right time to reiterate your most important value proposal.

It's all about choosing the right messaging that speaks to the situation.

3. What offer will make
the visitor act?

bmetric technology & fully managed service enables your website to: engage the right visitor, with the right message, at the right time

A proven technology solution Utilised by cutting edge companies

Thomas Sønderstrup Director eBusiness

"bmetric gives us a range of tools that support our goals in a simple and effective way. They are very proactive and have continuously helped us increase conversion."

Morten Hother Sørensen Chief Distribution Officer

"After implementing the bmetric platform we increased the amount of sales every day corresponding to a full time sales executive."

Signe Bonde Poulsen Marketing Manager

"bmetric is a partner that understands our business and our sales consultants see great value in gaining insight into the customer journey."

Most onsite visitors do not convert to value bmetric can change that

Increase number of
leads generated

Convert more

Boost average order

Stop cart

Reduce bounce

Improve customer

Why work with bmetric?


We offer a fully managed optimised SaaS Solution with hands-on implementation.


We have a flexible, leading edge platform that can be adapted to your business needs quickly.

Data driven

We use real-time date to help drive optimum results.

Like most webshops, we face the challenge of closing our sales online. Due to the complexity of our product, we want to embrace those customers who are not yet ready or who are in doubt about their purchase. At the same time, we do not want to disturb the customers who are ready to buy online.

Based on bmetric’s advanced behavior tool, we solved this problem. We have implemented different messages depending on the stage the visitor is at in their purchase decision.This has, among other things, resulted in more qualified leads and increased sales.

We are very pleased to work with bmetric.
They are very committed to solving any problem you may have.

Sharawoot Poomongkolchai
Online Campaign Coordinator, Boxer TV